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The company Madizajn Zg. Pirniče d.o.o. has been present on the Slovenian market in the field of sealing and adhesive systems for construction industry and general use for over two decades. Perhaps it is not insignificant to say that Madizajn was the first company to carry out a number of projects in the construction sector, the latest being very important and topical one as it relates to energy saving and sustainable construction at installation of external building furniture. In the last 10 years there was practically no project that our company had not been involved in, if not directly then indirectly by plotting the implementation details for project designers or by providing the training. Our company has been cooperating creatively with all relevant institutions in the country.

Since the company Madizajn still wants to generate the future of construction industry, we decided for the new “Trend” or new direction.  The synergetic effects with the renowned German industrialist and former co-owner of the company illbruck, Mr. Michael illbruck, have resulted in the creation of the CONNECT Sealant Systems Program which comprises a wide range of products for bonding, sealing and filling of joints, gaps, cracks and holes in construction industry. In fact, this is not something new, but more the recovery of products that were renamed for objective reasons at the end of 1990s. What exactly is the reason for this recovery? The fact is that there are many similar products available on the market. But unfortunately, the quality in the last 10 years declined to an unenviable level, mainly due to continuous price pressure. It is important to know that we are talking about products that can be permanently installed in buildings, at least for the period of few decades. Today it is talked about the energy-saving and sustainable construction and for that reason the quality level of products and projects should be raised.

At first, we present PU construction foams of modern formulations, which are an important link in construction. We offer products that are in conformity with all European standards and guidelines for energy efficiency EnEV. The offer therefore includes PU construction foams for installation of windows with high-quality properties of thermal insulation, sound inhibition, elasticity, homogeneous structures and fire resistance. Particularly important for users are the possibility of using the foams during whole season, low expansion, the possibility of complete filling in applications and finally the reasonable prices. Understandably, PU foams can also be used for all other applications in construction industry. We are already in the process of developing the latest formulations and people-friendly sealants and adhesives on different bases, from acidic, neutral, acrylic, polyurethane and hybrid ones which will certainly determine the use in construction industry in the following period.

In addition to the brand name CONNECT Sealant Systems our company, together with our German partner, presents the products of the oldest German manufacturer of expansion sealing bands, which has been present on the market since 1950 and has become a synonym for such type of sealants in Europe and beyond. As mentioned, this company was bought by the former competitor and co-owner of the company illbruck, Mr. Michael illbruck and renamed to Pinta Abdichtung and the products were renamed to Pintaband. Ever since the purchase and high investment into modernization of production the company has grown significantly. This fact indicates that there is high demand on such products on the market, especially due to designing of modern energy-efficient buildings and requirements on sustainable construction. Mr. Wolf-Rudiger Daniel, a renowned expert for pre-compressed sealing bands and former employee at illbruck, who had important influence on development of illmod sealing bands, helps Michael in managing the company.

The development of sealing systems in construction industry is undoubtedly very important, particularly due to requirements on sustainable and energy-efficient construction, which are constantly increasing. In any case, it should be consistent and reasonable. Namely, the systems should be at least thoroughly tested to permanently serve their purpose.

The company Pinta Abdichtung certainly has all these competences, knowledge, development, products with the necessary certificates and guarantees. We are talking about the high quality of products and reasonable price which allows users to remain competitive also in the next period. In the construction of energy-efficient buildings and in general, the rationalization of costs represents very important factor, but as mentioned before, not at the expense of quality.

Our offer includes the products for sealing the external building furniture according to European guidelines for energy efficiency EnEV or RAL, compressed multifunctional expansion sealing tapes, sealing tapes for external joint barriers, window foils, butyl tapes etc.

The target group for our products are mainly partners coming from construction industry, building furniture industry, glass industry, roofing, parquetry, ceramic industry, facade works, metalworking, air-conditioning, automobile industry, field of synthetic products, construction of vessels, skylights, noise-reducing barriers etc.

In addition to marketing and distribution of products provides Connect together with the team of experts the training and support to the customers for the entire time from the purchase up to the final use of products in buildings.

Our products are also available at all major retailers of building materials, paints and varnishes and technical goods.

Our aim is to position the recognizable brand names Connect Sealant Systems, Pintaband and Fenband Vario with their quality and affordable prices among the leaders in the construction industry both in Slovenia and abroad.


The CONNECT and Madizajn Team