PU 130 Lepilo za kamen in les

PU130 Adhesive for stone and wood

PU130 Adhesive for stone and brick is a modified polyurethane adhesive designed especially for bonding of various stone and brick walls with the flat bearing surfaces. The main advantages compared to standard adhesives are in faster performing of works as the strong bond is formed after just 30 minutes and there is no dust emitting into the environment.

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Product Description

PU130 adhesive is intended for building of walls with high and low static intensities, various partition walls and peripheral walls. It is long-term resistant to water, seawater, calcium, diluted acids and alkali. For adhesive application only the standard NBS gun is required.

Available in 750 ml cans.


  • Easy to use
  • Enables time saving nd clean work
  • High bonding strength after short time
  • Adheres well to many mineral substrates
  • Can be used at low temperatures
  • Usable without water and mixing techniques
  • Water resistance according to DIN EN 204 D4

Technical Data Sheet: PU130 PU Adhesive for stone and brick
Safety Data Sheet: PU130 PU Adhesive for stone and brick