GF 303 PU Gunfoam All Season

GF 303 PU Gunfoam All season is construction foam for application by means of the gun.

Low expansion foam it has excellent characteristics so it can be used in many fields, especially for installation of windows and doors according to RAL guidelines and for other various applications in buildings throughout the whole season, 365 days a year.

It adheres very well to most building materials, expands minimally after application and dries quickly.

Product is available in 750 ml cans.

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Product Description


  • Suitable for installation of doors and windows according to RAL guidelines
  • Usable during whole season and/or already from temperature – 10° C
  • Good thermal and sound insulation
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials
  • Resistant to decay, heat and water

Technical Data Sheet: GF 303 Gunfoam All Season

Safety Data Sheet: GF 303 Gunfoam All Season