CONNECT MF 207 2K mounting foam

MF 207 2K construction foam is designed for fast filling, sealing and insulating of joints and gaps in the entire building, as well as in other areas. Cured foam has very good thermal, sound, insulating and especially mechanical properties. It forms strong bond to many materials. It is especially suitable for mounting of inner doors and filling of deep joints at production of cabins, refrigerator panels, for roof applications etc. The system does not need any air moisture for curing therefore the second component is required which is located at the bottom of the can. After activation of the second component approximately 5 minutes are available to empty the can completely otherwise the foam hardens in the can. The foam is dry to cut after 15 minutes.

Available in 400 ml cans.

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Product Description


  • Intended for professional users
  • Fast filling of deep joints, penetrations, gaps
  • High mechanical and thermal insulation
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Resistant to decay, heat and water

Technical Data Sheet: MF 207 2K Mounting Foam

Safety Data Sheet: MF 207 2K Mounting Foam