CONNECT HB 749 Adhesive for parquet

CONNECT HB 749 is one component ready to use polymer based hybrid adhesive for parquet. The adhesive cures at the presence of moisture and forms an elastic bond which reduces the shear stress between parquet and substrate and thus compensates the expansion and shrinkage of wood. The adhesive ensures optimum impact sound insulation and reduces room noise by up to 13 dB, depending on the parquet type. The product advantages are long time for processing and stable form of adhesive as well as the possibility of parquet loading and treatment already after 24 hours. The parquet adhesive contains no silicones, isocyanates, unhealthy aromatic hydrocarbons, terpenes, plasticisers, formaldehyde emitting substances or halogen organic compounds. The parquet adhesive is also suitable for substrates with underfloor heating and for wall cladding applications.

Available in 15 kg bucket

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Product Description

Product advantages:

  • Contains no harmful substances
  • Excellent adhesive stability
  • Further processing possible after 24 hours
  • Reduces impact sound up to 13 dB
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Suitable for wall claddings

Technical Data Sheet: Connect HB 749 Adhesive for parquet 
Safety Data Sheet: Connect HB 749 Adhesive for parquet