CONNECT HB 730 Elastic adhesive sealant

CONNECT HB 730 is high-quality elastic adhesive sealant, produced on the health friendly hybrid basis. It is intended for elastic bonding and sealing at the applications, where greater movements are expected. It has very good initial adhesion and fast bonding. It is suitable for most substrates, both for internal and external applications, including damp surfaces. Especially suitable for sealing of facade elements, bonding at roofing applications, bonding of membranes, including EPDM to concrete, brick, plaster, wood, sheet metal and with each other. It has good adhesion to most building materials such s wood, brick, concrete, glass, copper, steel, aluminium etc. Adhesive sealant is UV-resistant, it does not shrink and does not contain any harmful substances.

Available in 290 ml cartridges.

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Product Description

Product advantages:

  • Fast initial adhesion
  • High elasticity of adhesive sealant
  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
  • Suitable for bonding membranes, including EPDM
  • Sound damping and vibration damping properties
  • Resistant to atmospheric influences
  • Water tightness and air tightness

Technical Data Sheet: Connect HB 730 Elastic adhesive sealant  
Safety Data Sheet: Connect HB 730 Elastic adhesive sealant