Connect Pištola za silikon PS 400, EP0003, cevna-ročna

Connect EP0003 Manual Tubular Gun for Silicone PS 400

This high-tech designed gun with the focus on strong lever arm and tubular housing is made of high quality steel and aluminium. All contact parts of the gun are rubber coated which additionally facilitates its use in demanding daily applications. Strong steel mandrel and lever arm enable reliable emptying of cartridges up to 310ml and sausages of 300, 400 and 600ml. The gun is particularly suitable for discharging the high quality sealants and adhesives of high viscosity. The gun is intended for professionals who require the high-quality product for daily use. Its ergonomic design allows intuitive handling and the high quality materials allow the long service life when the gun is used correctly.

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Product Description


  • Made of high quality steel and aluminium
  • Vital parts are rubber coated
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Powerful lever, ratio: 18:1
  • Weight 1170 g