Pinta Window Butyl tape

Pinta Window Butyl tape is a self-adhesive rubber based sealing tape with high adhesive strength, laminated on one side with the plasticized film. It is provided with a special self-adhesive tape for attachment to the door frame and with the fleece fabric to enable the further processing. This is a standard product and a part of the system aimed for sealing at three-level installation of windows and entrance doors according to European guidelines EnEV and RAL. Pinta Window Butyl tape acts in a combination with the external film or the compriband sealing tape in accordance with the basic principle of joints sealing: “Inside tighter than outside“.

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Product Description

The standard product manufactured by Pinta Abdichtug GmbH has the appropriate verification system or a certificate that guarantees investors a safe and reliable product use. The product is supplied upon request.

Product advantages:

  • For indoor sealing
  • In combination with appropriate external seal it allows drying of joint
  • System verification, certificate
  • Available in a wide range of widths (from 50 mm to 150 mm) and installation methods

Technical Data Sheet: Pinta Window Butyl tape
Safety Data Sheet: Pinta Window Butyl tape