Pinta Fenband i Alu Window foil

Pinta fenband Internal alu Window foil is a standard product and/or a part of the system aimed for sealing at three-level installation of windows and entrance doors according to European guidelines EnEV and RAL. The internal window film acts in a combination with the external film or the compriband sealing tape in accordance with the basic principle of joints sealing: “Inside tighter than outside“.

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Product Description

This standard product manufactured by Pinta Abdichtug GmbH is particularly suitable for larger projects where the price has an important role. The product has an appropriate verification system and/or a certificate that guarantees investors a safe and reliable product use. The foil is available in a wide range of installation methods. The product is supplied upon request.

Product advantages:

  • Appropriate film for internal sealing
  • Combined with the appropriate external sealant it allows joint drying
  • System verification, certificate
  • Available in a wide range of widths (from 50 mm to 150 mm) and installation methods

Technical Data Sheet: Pinta fenband i Window foil 
Safety Data Sheet: Pinta fenband i Window foil