Pintaband 3completePlus FBA

Pintaband 3completePlus FBA is a multifunctional sealing tape 3-in-1. It is used for sealing against air and driving rain on the window frame lower part and has at the same time the properties of thermal insulation. Pintaband 3completePlus FBA as the uniform sealing tape enables the vapour permeability according to the principle Inside tighter than outside”. At the installation the tape should be turned according to the marking.

Product Description

Pintaband 3completePlus FBA can be glued directly to the FBA profiles (sills of profiles connection). In such connection pintaband 3completePlus forms the energy-saving sealing of windows and external doors according to European guidelines EnEV and/or RAL. The product is available in different sizes.

Product advantages:

  • Joint sealing by using one sealing tape only, for all 3 levels
  • Quick installation is independent of temperature
  • Resistant to driving rain up to 600 Pa
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Meets the quality requirements for energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

Technical Data Sheet: Pintaband 3completePlus FBA multifunction tape
Safety Data Sheet: Pintaband 3completePlus FBA multifunction tape