Pinta Butyl Tape Alu

Pinta Butyl Tape Alu is a self-adhesive rubber based sealing tape with high adhesive strength, laminated on one side with aluminium foil to protect the product from external influences and water. The tape is designed for sealing of joints and covering on indoor and outdoor surfaces (metal, concrete, winter gardens, air conditioning, ventilation etc).

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Product Description

The tape is particularly suitable for repair or reconstruction of deteriorated joints (e.g. in green houses) and for sealing of connections, joints or junctures where the tightness against smoke, air and steam is required (windows, coverings etc.). For porous surfaces (concrete, plaster, bricks etc.) it is recommended to use the Pinta Haftgrund Butyl & Bitumen Primer as a basic pre-coating.

Product advantages:

  • Adhesion to many substrates without a primer-coating
  • Tight to water, wind and air
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to vapour diffusion
  • Easy and fast installation

Technical Data Sheet: Pinta Butyl Tape Alu
Safety Data Sheet: Pinta Butyl Tape Alu