Pinta Bitumen Tape Alu

Pinta Bitumen Tape Alu is universal aluminum coated cold-adhesive tape for a variety of applications at maintaining and repairing. It is used for sealing, bonding and insulation: connections in guttering, on roofs, at roof windows, chimneys, in walls, drainage pipes, antenna poles on roofs, at metal and plastic composites, in joints, cracks etc.

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Product Description

Pinta Bitumen Tape Alu is particularly suitable for sealing of various cracks on structures, boards, corrugated roof tiles etc. in combination with the Pinta Haftgrund Butyl & Bitumen Primer.


Product advantages:

  • Preventsthecapillaryleakages
  • Tight to water, wind and air
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to expansion
  • Quick and inexpensive solution